GGR starts Sex Offenders Register petition campaign

Equality Rights group GGR has today announced the commencement of a community-wide petition campaign for the introduction of a Sex Offenders Register in Gibraltar.

“For two years we’ve been calling on Government to introduce a Register so as to ensure that anyone who offends sexually against children is registered. So far Government have done nothing about this. We ask again: does Government still not care? A Register of sex offenders is necessary so that abusers of children can be kept in view by the authorities and as a further deterrent. This is an important step forward in the fight against such abuse and we see no reasonable excuse for Government either to delay or to avoid the introduction of such a Register along UK lines. In fact, we consider it an important tool in helping the Police who are already doing an excellent job in assisting in these cases within their limited means,” Annette Vallejo, Abuse Issues Coordinator for the group (photo), stated.

“This community must not tolerate the abuse of children whether sexually or otherwise under any guise or form and Government must put measures of this sort in place in order to protect children. GGR is confident that the ordinary people of Gibraltar fully back this initiative! We now invite any persons, political parties or groups who are in agreement with these demands to not hesitate in making public statements in this respect and/or who wish to help with the Petition to join these efforts since the only aim is to make sure the right laws and structures are in place to achieve the objective of safety for our kids!”