"This is a new justification – not a new Constitution!"

Equality Rights group GGR has today protested outside Convent Place at what it calls the “new Reformed Justification.” As part of its protest, coinciding with the start of the second round of talks on Constitutional reform being held in Gibraltar on this occasion, the group unfurled its banner making clear its position and stating that “this is not a Constitution for all Gibraltarians, it is a justification for some to continue their practice of excluding others. And we are firmly convinced those elements do not represent the sentiments of the community of Gibraltar!

“We said it last November when the talks first started and we’ll say it again, because the message of Equality bears repeating over and over again: the proposed new Constitution is gravely deficient because it perpetuates the second-class citizenship of gay and lesbian Gibraltarians. As such, in the same manner that, as Gibraltarians, we refuse to agree to measures which ignore our rights, GGR reserves its right not to subscribe to the text of the proposed new Constitution for similar reasons. A new Gibraltar can’t be built on old injustices!”